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Palm Hotsync cleared thousands of activities from my database!

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Palm Hotsync cleared thousands of activities from my database!

I recently hotsynced ACT to my Palm Tungsten, and it took way longer than usual to finish (usually takes a couple minutes, this took over an hour). When it finally completed, I started noticing a large amount of records missing, and was getting very concerned. It turns out that somehow 6036 of my past records, all starting last month and going back randomly throughout my entire database history had been cleared. I know you can restore them individually by clicking the clear checkbox and clicking yes when it asks if you want to unclear it, however there seems to be no way to do this as a batch. The problem is that I leave these items uncleared so I can go back into past records and retrieve information, and ACT locks you out of cleared items. How can I unclear everything? Anyone have a clue how or why this happened?


There was a log entry made in my Hotsync manager (see below), which shows 673  "After ClearToSend" entries, but I have no idea what these are or why they occurred. I have not made any changes to my settings and have been hotsyncing with ACT for years with no trouble. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


HotSync operation started 12/09/10 11:49:12
Calendar - sync configured to Do Nothing
Contacts - sync configured to Do Nothing
OK Tasks
OK Memos
OK Expense
OK Note Pad
OK VersaMail
Documents To Go - sync configured to Do Nothing.
ACT! Activities Starting       12/09/10 11:49:19.875
Before Begin Synchronization        12/09/10 11:49:25.796
After Begin Synchronization        12/09/10 11:49:27.125
Before ClearToSend        12/09/10 11:49:27.125
After ClearToSend        12/09/10 11:49:48.906

(673 total "After ClearToSend" entries, each ending in a different three digit number - too big to list here)