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Palm Conduit

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Palm Conduit

I have loaded the Palm software from the CD. I cannot get the Palm to rcognize the ACT conduit nor the ACT conduit to see the Palm.


Any ideas or tips?

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Re: Palm Conduit

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Could you please forward some more info on this. Are you not getting the sync with Palm to ACT?


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Re: Palm Conduit

Hi Sagesolutions and delder0, 


In the spirit of keeping the community a community for all, we ask that your dialogues be public as much as possible so that others may benefit from the efforts. 


Additionally, per our guidelines and the general culture of the ACT! Community, we are trying to minimize commercial pursuits in order to keep customers from feeling hounded or pressured. At this point Sagesolutions post is in the grey area.


If you have any questions please let me know.



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Re: Palm Conduit

Hello delder0,


Which version of ACT!, palm device, and operating system are you using?  DO you receive any error messages when installing or performing a hotsync?