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Outlook won't close properly with ACT! 2009

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Outlook won't close properly with ACT! 2009

Users in my office are having trouble after installing ACT! 2009 on their machines. Upon start up, Outlook will open properly, but after closing the program, it looks like the Outlook process continues to run in the background. This causes problems because if users try to re-open outlook, it tries to run another instance and the ACT! toolbars and our in/out board software don't load. Furthermore, our user's machines have problems shutting down due to the OUTLOOK.EXE process that's still running.

I've tried disabling the ACT! scheduling service, but to no avail.

Please help me fix this problem. We like the features of this software, but it's wasting our time and patience on issues like this.

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Re: Outlook won't close properly with ACT! 2009

Hello Gigafish,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


The issue of Outlook.exe remaining running is generally due to conflicts with add-ins for Outlook.  You can try resolving this by disabling all add-ins to test and then re-add them individually to find the one(s)  conflicting with the Act! add-in.  At that point you would have to determine if the 'other' add-in can remain disabled or not.  Here is an article that describes troubleshooting for this issue: Outlook.exe remains running.


FYI - we've seen some situations where using the Outlook > File > Exit option (opposed to closing with the X button) has resolved this issue.

Greg Martin