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Outlook integration

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Outlook integration

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Currently using the Trial version of Act 2010 to see if the switch from Goldmine will work.


Windows XP SP3

Outlook 2003

Act 2010


The does not seem to be working.  The icon in the system tray has a red x inside of a circle on it.  The emails I send sometimes attach to the contacts to and from as I have set it up but when emails come in they are collecting in the progress and not attached messages area of the service.


I have reinstalled ACT x2 to try to fix this and do not have any other ideas.


Any help would be appreciated as I can not call, email or chat with tech support due to it being a trial.


Thank you.


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Re: Outlook integration

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Re: Outlook integration

Thank you M Scott but I do not think that is it as i do not believe I am running a fire wall.  Single remote user from my home.  I do connect to the company email via a VPN but unless it is doing something I am unaware of I do not have any firewall set up.


If it helps, I was using Goldmine 6.7 and the outlook integration tool attached emails fine to the database.


Any other ideas or any ideas to prove your points about a firewall?