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Outlook freezes and Sage suggest to disable my virus protection

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Outlook freezes and Sage suggest to disable my virus protection



I am having issues with Outlook either randomly locking when importing emails, or locking when dismissing reminders. Doing a quick search in the knowledgebase and I see that there are two that appears to relate and in both cases Sage indicates it is not them and to disable the other parties plugin.


All I want is that when I send an email it is attached to the contact in ACT and also I have the ability to attach emails to a contact in ACT - BUT I also want to protect my email from incoming viruses and to use it to manage my SPAM, so why is it that Sage see this as the other parties problem and have not resolved it? 


I am now on v2013 Pro and I have also seen the problem on v2012 Premium, so the issue isn't new. Searching the knowledgebase actually shows a trend of - if it is causing a problem disable the other software, do they not think that the end user may want both and that they should have after at least 2 yrs and 2 versions been working with the likes of Kaspersky and AVG to get this resolved or to have a work-a-round?


Does anyone know of a way that I can leave my AVG plugin and also do what I need to do with ACT? I don't use ACT for calendar or reminders, etc. just to keep notes and for the emails to attach to the contact.


thanks in advance



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Re: Outlook freezes and Sage suggest to disable my virus protection

I would suggest that you do disable your AV, and test it. If it works then you've identified where the issue is. If it still doesn't work then you know that that's not it. 

Then you can re-enable or do what ever you choose.


The issue here is that many AV products interfere with the way that Outlook works. So when a program is trying to do something legitimate, it's catching it as possibly malicious and blocking it - i.e. copying an attached document and writing it to the filesystem.


To be fair, I don't think it's ACT!'s, the AV or Outlook's fault. But a better method of achieving AV Scanning from MS would help. IMHO.