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Outlook does not shutdown properly

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Outlook does not shutdown properly

I am running ACT

Outlook 2003

XP Professional SP3


Act is integrated with Outlook and causing Outlook startup problems when I restart Outlook.  It reports that it wasn't shutdown properly and reviews the Archive folder before it goes to working properly.  It takes 5-10 minutes to do it.  I suspect there may be a problem where Act is holding it open but can't find any Addons listed.  Has anyone seen this and have some suggestions?



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Re: Outlook does not shutdown properly

I'm suspecting when closing Outlook, its still remains in Task Manager under Processes.  If thats the case, you can try disabling all Outlook addins besides ACT! to see if Outlook will shutdown properly.
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Re: Outlook does not shutdown properly

I love how software companies always point at the other guy as the culprit of the problem (I work for one, we do it too).  I have been trying to solve this issue for months (maybe even years) on and off.  I had always been pointed to the Outlook Add-Ons but nothing would ever work, so for the most part I would just try to ignore the problem and get on with my day.  Recently, I accidentally solved my issue (kind of).


I don't know if any of the others posting here use the ACT! Scheduler to sync their calendar to Outlook, but I do.  I work in a remote office so I also use the ACT! Scheduler to sync to the main database in another state, the main office was doing dome server maintenance so I stopped the ACT! Scheduler service from running.  Forgot about it throughout the day and at the end of the day started closing down all of my open programs.  As usual I was expecting to have to go into the Windows Task Manager and manually shut down Outlook, but low and behold it had managed to shut down by itself.  That's when I noticed the red X on the icon for ACT! Scheduler and remembered that I had stopped the service from running.  Finally I had found what was causing the issue, it wasn't the elusive rogue add-on that Sage had always told me was the problem, it was their own scheduler service that was preventing Outlook from shutting down (Yes, I have tested this and reproduced the issue many times and without disabling any add-ons).


And this is why I say my issue has been solved "kind of", I should not have to manually stop the ACT! Scheduler service just to shut down Outlook.  So Sage, please look into this issue a little bit further than just the standard "Add-Ons" answer.


Thank you.