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Outlook address book

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Outlook address book

Running: Outlook 2007 and ACT pro 2011 with server database on server running Windows Server 2003


I'm having trouble with ACT - Outlook interaction and need some clarifications on the way it works in order to solve my problems.




What is the Outlook address book and why is it important to ACT?

When Outlook loses the ACT address book I still have access to my contacts and names will still come up when I start typing in the To field of an mail.  If I can still see all my addresses under contacts then it doesn't seem like the address book is very important.


So what does this address book do and why does ACT need it's own special address book added to Outlook?



At this moment Outlook is repeatedly throwing up the error "Unable to perform the selected action.  There are no ACT! address books setup at this time." 

Now in Outlook if I goto file > data file management > address books, click change on the ACT! address book and then add I can re-add the ACT server database and the errors will go away. 


Why do these errors happen in the first place?

How do I prevent Outlook from forgetting it's address book?

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Re: Outlook address book

The Act! integration with Outlook is made of 2 connections - 1. Act! to Outlook and 2. Outlook to Act!.  The Act! email setup creates the Act! to Outlook connection and adding the Act! address book to Outlook creates the 'Outlook to Act!' connection.  Without the Act! address book added to Outlook, Outlook cannot record email history in the Act! database and the Act! icons (ex: attach to Act! contact) within Outlook will not function (or appear). 


The issue of the error message is that at some point Outlook is not able to access the Act! database - then resetting the address book re-establishes the connection. 

Quetsions to help determine what is causing the loss of connection:

- is your Act! database local to your computer?  or is it hosted on a different machine?

If on a different computer, is the connection to that computer being broken at any time (ex: a laptop removed from the network)?

- if on the same computer, are there any anti-virus scans running?

- when does the connection get lost?  (ex: after reboot)

Greg Martin