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Outlook add-in for Act! 2009 and mail-merge issues

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Outlook add-in for Act! 2009 and mail-merge issues

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Hi there!


I've been scouring the boards here and the Sage knowledgebase to try and find some help with getting a mail-merge to work; to no avail. I was hoping that someone here may be able to point me in the right direction?


I've set up the link between the Act instance (2009 and Outlook 2003 on the users machine, and when I run a mail-merge a progress bar briefly appears (testing with a single mailing address) and then dissapears with no error messages, but nothing is gererated or sent from outlook. I believe I've setup the EmailBody file correctly in the Templates directory.


One of the things I've noticed people talking about is the Act! Extension that appears in the Outlook Add-ins configuration, and the problems some users have had getting this working.

Sure enough - when I review Outlook, that Add-in isn't even appearing as an option to check, and I've no idea where to find the .ECF file that would allow me to install it manually - if such a file even exists.


There is an Act toolbar that has been added to Outlook, so some form of connection has been formed during the install.


I'm assuming that this is the cause of my problems but I'm brand new to this Act thing, so if you think it sounds like something else, I'd gladly take any help you can offer!


Thanks a lot