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Outlook Meeting Request creates ACT! 2011 records

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Outlook Meeting Request creates ACT! 2011 records

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Greetings fellow ACT users. I'm new to ACT! 2011, but a long time ACT! user.


I recently had an unusual experience with ACT! 2011 and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some help.


Today I received an Outlook meeting request from a co-worker. The request included about 30 other people (attendees), I "accepted" the meeting request and Outlook properly updated my Outlook calendar. The ACT! calendar "schedule activity" box also popped up, and I clicked "OK" assuming the same meeting would now be updated in my ACT Calendar. So far... all is working as expected.


Here's the unusual part. The 30 names in the meeting request are now contacts in my ACT! database. Somehow, by accepting the request (in ACT!, I assume) ACT! created records for all attendees.


Subsequently, I went into ACT! and deleted them from my database.


I believe that I have turned off all of the ACT! Outlook sync functions, but maybe not.


I like to the sync functionality, but don't need the unwanted records in my database.


Can anyone help?