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Outlook MS (error) related to ACT! Address Book Service/ ACT! won't open itself

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Re: Outlook MS (error) related to ACT! Address Book Service/ ACT! won't open itself

Hello Greg,

I followed the .NET scan/repair instructions and it did not find any integrety violations.

And ACT! still won't start up.

I am going to circle back and try a couple of the earlier fix suggestions - but am not keeping my hopes up!


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ACT! fee-for-service technical help

Hello Greg,

Did you mention in an earlier email that I can access a fee-service to try to resolve my ACT! issues.

I've been with out my database for 2 months and it's been difficult.

Please provide some information - as I have to weight the pros/cons of service or ACT 2012, though if ACT! 2009 isn't running on my computer (I expect it was something I did - not the program!) then maybe ACT! 2012 wont either.



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Re: ACT! fee-for-service technical help

Hey Dean,

We don't support 2009, but if you decide to upgrade to 2012 it would include the 30-day getting started support - which does include installation.  But you are correct - if the issue is found to be with your computer, we would have to refer you to Microsoft (or any IT support you'd like to contact). 


Did you try creating the new Windows user and attempt to open ACT! signed on as the new Windows user? 


I'm still concerned that the issue is .Net, attempt to open ACT!, then open the Windows Event Viewer and look for errors.  This may help identify the problem.  

Greg Martin