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Outlook Link Error

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Outlook Link Error

I am getting errors when I click on a contact's email:

Act Outlook Error(1).JPG 


When I click OK I again try to click on the email address in Act! to get an Outlook message started and the Act! program freezes for about 30 seconds and I get this warning:

Act Outlook Error.JPG

If I click on the email address again, it freezes and gives me the same error as the last one.


Act! Pro Version 20.0.159. Update 7

Outlook 2010 ver. 14.0.7194.5000 (64 bit)

My database is on my local machine

Running Windows 8 Pro


I just reinstalled Act! after my hard drive failed.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Outlook Link Error

H there dbisbee,

Could you try running both programs 'as administrator' (close them both, right click their respective icons and choose "Run as Admin").

Failing that, I'd recommend trying a quick Office repair - go to Programs and Features, find your install of Office and right-click > Modify > Quick Repair.

If neither of the above selections work, check out this KB and see if any of the steps features there help:

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Re: Outlook Link Error

Running both as administrator worked! Thanks.

I have Googled how to always run a program as an administrator, but after following the instructions, it will run the program as administrator, but when I close and click on the icon in the taskbar to open it again it does not, not sure how to make it stick.

But again thanks!