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Outlook Integration

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Outlook Integration

Three brand new Win10 machines all with the same problem.   Office 365 installed with local Outlook files.   ACT! v20 installed with default settings.  Had to manually register actoutlookaddin.dll.   When Outlook attempts to load the ACT! add-in, I get the following message in an ACT! dialog box:

"Integration Services Patch for ACT! is not configured."   I've tried re-installing ACT! to no avail.


I have not been able to find any reference to this error online, including the kb.   Presumably there is a way to configure the 'Patch'.   Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Outlook Integration

Hello, I suggest contacting the support team directly


Support Email:
Support phone: 866-873-2006
Hours of operation
Support operation hours:
 Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 8:30pm (EST)

Some suggestions...

1. Remember that the correct installation order is:
   A - First Office installed locally
   B - Set up at least one email in Outlook
   C - Then Act!

If for some reason you want to install in the correct order, uninstall both programs, restart the computer, and now install in the correct order.

If you want to download the updated version of Act! V20, you can use the following links based on the version of your license:



Remember that to install and activate the license, the Windows user must be a local Administrator

2. I suggest that before installing Act! permanently disable UAC (User account control)

3. I suggest that while installing Act! and activate the license temporarily disable any antivirus or firewall - Then you can activate it but taking into account the exclusions of files and ports in this article ...

4. In some cases it can be solved by first starting Outlook in Administrator mode and then Act! to Administrator mode (Right click on the icon of each program - run as administrator)




...If this answered your question, please click on ACCEPT AS SOLUTION - Best regards and Good luck


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Re: Outlook Integration

Thanks for your reply.  I was an ACC for 10 years so I know enough to have tried your suggestions.   I also installed on a Win 7 machine and that went without a problem.   This is a very specific error that seems to be related to Windows 10 and Outlook 365.