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Outlook Calendar to ACT - Time Issue

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Outlook Calendar to ACT - Time Issue

Okay searched a bunch of Forum Posts, but couldn't find this problem.  Maybe someone can help!


Have ACT Premium 10.0 and Outlook 2003.  When I "Update the Activities" between the two calendars, Everything works fine from ACT to Outlook.  However meetings that have been set by others in my office using their Outlook, when they get transfered to ACT they are two hours off.  Example a meeting is set for 8:30am in Outlook.  I update the calendars, now the meeting shows up as 6:30 in ACT and remains at 8:30 in Outlook.  If I run it again using "two way" changes, ACT will overide Outlook and now set both Calendars to show the time at 6:30.  Needless to say I have showed up at a meeting two hours early already.


Anyone know how to fix this?


Thanks Mark