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Outlook Attach to Contact Customise Dialogue box Columns

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Outlook Attach to Contact Customise Dialogue box Columns

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 4.  Using Outlook 2007


Sometimes I need to attach an email I have received to contacts other than the sender or the sender has used an email address not on their contact record and therefore the Outlook Rule didn't run.  This is my procedure:


Within the Outlook email click on Add-In Tab.

From Menu Commands select Select to Attach to ACT Contacts


The two columns shown in the dialogue box are Name and Company, however not all Names have/require a Company


A problem occurs when there is more than one contact with the same name.  We have nearly a dozen "Chris Smith" - all different people!


We have been careful to ensure if we know the middle initial , it is entered on his record, (Chris A Smith) however, the dialogue box in the Attach ACT only shows first name and last name in the Contact Column - no initials or middle names.


Our work around is to find the contact, insert a temporary company name, save the record, go back to the email and attach, go back to the record and take out temporary company name.


Any way to customise the columns in the dialogue box?


Thank you for your help and suggestions


Linda Bond





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Re: Outlook Attach to Contact Customise Dialogue box Columns

Unfortunately there are no options for customizing the columns available when using the 'Attach to Contact' option.


You may want to submit this as a Feature Request through the Share Your Ideas forum.  Once submitted, other members will have the opportunity to comment and vote (kudos) on the suggestion.

Greg Martin
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Re: Outlook Attach to Contact Customise Dialogue box Columns

[ Edited ]

Will be really nice when that process is improved with more options such as; opt to add to home or work address fields in ACT!...


Not sure this applies 100% in your case?

If I may suggest a method of data entry and attaching to act contact records by using.

Egrabbers addressgrabber parsing product  (also capable of handling attachments)

 from your emails, sites, word docs or other sources.

With Addressgrabber  or  listgrabbber, you can easiily opt to add info to your home or work address fields in ACT!.

Just highlight the info you want parsed and there u go.


also RChilli Parser at 


And  a freeware from called  contact capture.

Hope that helps - cheers - FSB


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