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Outlook 2010 Crashes

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Outlook 2010 Crashes

Outlook 2010 Crashes a lot, just after installing Act 2011.


Since installing Act2010 last night, Outlook has crashed a lot.  It seems to be OK when it first opens, then after 10 minutes or so when I go back to outlook I discover that it has crashed half way through a Send/Recieve. 


Act 2010 has worked flawlessly for 2 months, the only change to my system is installing Act 2011 last night.  Anyone any ideas why this might be happening.   Thanks

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Re: Outlook 2010 Crashes

My PC uses Win 7 32-bit, MS Office 2010 and Kaspersky IS 2011, which worked very well until Act 2011 was installed one week ago.


Since I upgraded to Act 2011 I have had the same problems a Jimjam, with Outlook frequently freezing after about 1 hours use. Outlook 2010 used to work well with Act 2009, apart from being unable sync them (which was a weakness). Act 2011 was advertised saying it will sync with Outlook; that is just what we wanted, so we bought the upgrade (installation was not easy either!). In reality Act 2011 fails to sync and it makes Outlook crash. All we want to do is sync contacts between the two programs, nothing complex. It was easy to sync ACT 6.0 with Outlook 2003 on Win XP; we used it sucessfully for many years. Act 2011 doesn't appear to work as promoted and it makes Outlook 2010 unreliable. Man Mad


It also seems to be very difficult to remove the Act add-in from Outlook; it crashes everytime I try to disable it. I tried removing Act 2011 and reinstalling Act 2009, but Act 2011 has modified the PAD and ADF files so Act 2009 can't read them. . I thought of exporting the data to run in MS Access or similar, but the file export formats offered by Act are VERY limited, only Text Delimited or Act 13x are available. This seems like a trick to lock users into Act.


To say I'm disappointed would be an under statement. What is so annoying is that Sage and their distributors expect customers to pay even more money before they will provide help.... what a con!


We are looking for a new CRM program. Any suggestions?