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Outlook 2007 and ACT! 2008 (10.)

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Outlook 2007 and ACT! 2008 (10.)

--I'm really hoping for some help on this one as this is my 3rd post (different topics) and I have yet to receive even one reply.  Anyway, here it goes.--


I can not send attachments from within Outlook 2007 using the ACT! 2008 (10.0) address book with Outlook set-up to handle my email.  If I click on an email address from within ACT or the email icon on the toolbar to the left in ACT, an Outlook email window opens and the email address field is populated and everything works fine.  However, if I open a new email window from Outlook and populate the address field using the ACT address book, the attachment does not come through to the end user or it will be significantly smaller in size (instead of 94Kb it will be something like 505b) and can not be opened.


I'm going nuts here and could really use some help.