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Outlook 2007 Act 2011 sync issue

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Outlook 2007 Act 2011 sync issue

I deleted some duplicates in Outlook (both entries) thinking that a resync would reinsert a single correct entry.  While new Act items sync fine, the Act entries that previously had been deleted in Outlook, aren't recreated.  How do I get the entires to sync again?  (ps I don't want to delete and recreate the contact in Act as that will lose all history)

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Re: Outlook 2007 Act 2011 sync issue

Hello Ecbuck1,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Each contact synchronized between Sage ACT! and Outlook is tracked within a 'meta' file, when a contact is deleted from Outlook, this action is recorded within the meta files and the contact will no longer sync from Sage ACT! to Outlook.  There are 2 options for your situation:

1. Delete the Meta files and start the synchronization over as if it were the first time.  This can be cumbersome, because it will treat all contacts in both Sage ACT! and Outlook as 'new' contacts and will create duplicates unless the contacts are removed from one program.   Here is an article with instructions: KB Article 27105


2. Use 'Duplicate Checking' to create a new copy of the contact(s), then use the Copy/Move Contact Data option (under Tools) to move the data (including History) from the original contact to the new contact.  Here is an article which shows the screens/options within Copy/Move: KB Article 14408

Greg Martin