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Outlook 2003 or 2007 for ACT2009?

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Outlook 2003 or 2007 for ACT2009?

Is there any advantage of moving to Outlook 2007 (from 2003) for use with ACT2009?


I am currently experiencing the popular issue of Outlook 2003 not closing properly, but have no other critical issues.


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Re: Outlook 2003 or 2007 for ACT2009?

We are using Act 2009 with both Outlook 2003 and 2007. 


If and only if users open Outlook 2007 prior to doing anything in Act that would launch Outlook, like sending an email, then Outlook 2007 does close outlook.exe on exit. Otherwise it behaves the same as 2003. Adding an Act address book to either 2003 or 2007 breaks key Outlook functions, like downloading headers and then downloading the marked messages.


So, I'd say there's not much advantage to upgrading from 2003 to 2007.