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Outlook 2003 ACT! 2009 No email history

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Outlook 2003 ACT! 2009 No email history

We are using Outlook 2003 and ACT! 2009 (version 11). One of our remote licensed users can't make their emails sent from Outlook record in the history section of ACT! I have tried finding the Act. Outlook.Service.exe solution (didn't work) I also tried finding his History Queue and trying that solution (didn't work) We had our IT guy try the History Fails to Be Recorded in ACT! Immediately After E-mail Being Sent solution and that didn't work. This is getting extremely frustrating because I have exhausted almost all of my options.


I did notice a guy once say something about the email accounts, however we don't have a specific ACT! email account, ours only has 1 and it's for the entire company. Any other suggestions, or can someone explain what deleting the main address book will do? And if it is my only option, can someone let me know the step by step directions (I'm not in IT at all...and therefore I know nothing about what I need to do.)

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Re: Outlook 2003 ACT! 2009 No email history

Here are the instructions for adding an Act! address book to Outlook, it also contains a section for removing the address book.  You will want to remove the address book, close and reopen Outlook, then add the Act! address book and close/reopen Outlook.

Adding Act! address book to Outlook 2003

Greg Martin