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Opportunity Report

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Opportunity Report

I'm looking to do the most basic opportunity report.


THe problem is some of the details are in the opporunity report, and some are in the opportunities section.


I want it to look like an excell spreadsheet

  • A list of my 30 opportunies in landscape, one line for each company.
  • Each line would have: Company, contact, tel, sort by sales stage, comments box, next steps box

That's it, how basic is that


Can anyone help?

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Re: Opportunity Report

As described, not basic at all. In fact as described not possible with the ACT! reports. It might be possible with a third party report editor but I have me doubts.

Roy Laudenslager
Retired ACT! Certified Consultant
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Re: Opportunity Report

But ACT is a CRM, and I am a sales trainer. and i have run sales teams for 25-years. And this is the most basic report that salespeople have been generating.


It's very sad that this can't be created 

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Re: Opportunity Report

You can modify the "opportunity section" in ACT! to include the "Comments" and "Next Steps" fields (set them to "record history" to keep a log of the changes).  Then you can customize the "opportunity list view" to display these fields and use the "export to excel" function to create the report.


If you don't have "excel" you could use the built-in report generator to create the report.


Hope that helps




Steve Stroz
ACT! Certified Consultant