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Opportunity Report by Product

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Opportunity Report by Product

I'm trying to make a report that is similar to the stock Opportunities by Product report but swiveled.


Instead of dividing by Product then listing the Opportunities under it, I'm wanting a report by Company, listing the quantities of each product sold to that company.  Really only need the count, maybe the amount, Don't really need a breakdown of the specific opportunity.


Company 1

     Product 1       Qty. 1        $100

     Product 2       Qty. 2        $50

Company 2

     Product 1       Qty. 1        $100

     Product 3       Qty. 3        $75


Using an Opportunity report, sectioning it by Company, I get this.  And don't have the $$ working right.


Company 1

     Product 1       Qty. 1 

Company 2

     Product 3       Qty. 3           (1 on one Opp, 2 on another 1)  Shows up as two lines, with the correct total)

     Product 3       Qty. 3 

Company 1

     Product 2       Qty. 2



Any help would be appreciated.  This report was one of the main selling points that I got this company to go with ACT.  Am I even in the right ballpark?


Bryan Britt

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Re: Opportunity Report by Product

What you are trying to do can't be done with the ACT! report writer. You would need to use a third party report writer such as Crystal Reports or have someone create the report you want with Crystal Reports.
Roy Laudenslager
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