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Opportunity Export (Complete Data)

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Opportunity Export (Complete Data)

In ACT 2011, is there an easy way to export opportunities, i.e., a report that contains all the pertinent information for a particular opportunity?

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Re: Opportunity Export (Complete Data)



You need to engage one of the consultants on the board or dive into ACTREADER which is way over my head.  (And if I'm wrong, I would love to see it.)

John Purdy
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Re: Opportunity Export (Complete Data)

You can get the plurality of the opportunity information by creating an OLEDB connection in excel, which is explained in this KB article. 


Hope this helps.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Opportunity Export (Complete Data)



Most you can export just using the Export function after customising the columns while in the opportunity list view. If you want a much more flexible option then have a look at Topline Dashboard as it is the easier reporting tool IMHO

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