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Opportunity Calculation

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Opportunity Calculation



I am building a product list for the Act opportunioties.


Part of our forecasts include support and maitenance for our products.  The fee for S&M is a percentage of the total price for the software we develop. 


Any thoughts on how to display this in the opportunities? 


It appears that I cannot have Act calculate this by itself, but instead I'll need to manually enter this pricing component each time. 



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Re: Opportunity Calculation

This is not something you can do in native ACT but if you look at the field calculations tool from Exponenciel he does have an add-on that I think will let you achieve what you want

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Re: Opportunity Calculation

I've found a work that works for me:  I used the discount field to calculate the percentage difference.


i.e. to have 0.35% and 0.5% of the total price you manually key 99.65% (100-0.35) or 99.50% into the discount field and it will calculate across.


What version of ACT are you on?  If you haven't already try and update your version to the latest hotfix first though before wasting any more money on ACT.  I had problems when I updated 2010 to HF4 and had to rebuild the contact and opportunity forms and know have the same problem with SP1 HF 1 and 2 which I am so far unable to resolve.  ACT UK can't help and want me to send my database to the US to have the schema rebuilt. 


Not sure whether to just knock it on the head to be honest.  Still can't understand why we have to pay out just to get at the SQL and why a database system doesn't have basic calculation functions as standard across any field.


Good luck anyway