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I am using opportunities to cost jobs for my clients. Quite often I do the quote, it is accepted and then the client will change something that affects the final price. I would like to keep a copy of the original opportunity and the new one so that we can refer back to them both at a later date? Can anyone suggest the best way to do this please. I would like to keep the same number or use one very similar. eg. QU-2011-0540 and say QU-2011-0540/2

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Re: Opportunities

Hello Smarty.


The easiest way I can think of is to select the opportunity and either right click on the list view or in the opportunity view select Opportunities | Duplicate Opportunity.


You will have to do a little clean up by aqdding a suffix to the name and adding the people to the opportunity.  This should not be overwhelming if you are doing a small amount.  If you are doing a large number, then hopefully one of the more technical gurus who visit this board will help or your might need an add on product.


I tested it with version 2010 and it worked fine.  The good thing is that the attached products copied over.  Since you will be editing the quote dollors in the product entry screen, editing the name should not be too much to handle. 


If you attached the quote as a document, it doesn't copy over, but I'm thinking that is a good thing.  If it did and you were interrupted, the 2nd quote might not be attached. 


Hope this helps.  Hey gurus, what am I missing?

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Re: Opportunities

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Probably a few more ways to achieve this in ACT!, but another might be to Print your Opportunity Report and Save it to the History Tab as a attachment(file-record to history option from the report). Or attach it to the Document Tab? You could also paste a copy in the notes.

If it's stored in ACT! you can search and find it.

Cheers - FSB

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Re: Opportunities

Use a quoting software that integrates to ACT!, such as Quotewerks.

Will generate the unique quote ID and handle the variations saving them as a series of revised quotes.






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