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Opportunities nearing Estimated Close Date

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Opportunities nearing Estimated Close Date



Using ACT! 2008 V10.  Does anybody know of the best way to identify Opportunities which are nearing or have passed their Estimated Close Date?  Ideally, it'd be great if an alarm could be raised but I see that's on an 'automatic' wish list on the forum from 2009 so suspect it can't do that?


Any thoughts gratefully received!





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Re: Opportunities nearing Estimated Close Date

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You could set up a Group with Dynamic Membership Criteria where the Advanced Query controlling Group membership is set to:


(type=)Contact; (field name=)Estimated Close Date; (operator=)Within Next(Days); (value=) 30; (And/Or=) And

(type=)Contact; (field name=)Estimated Close Date; (operator=)Older Than(Days); (value=) 0; (And/Or=)End


There wouldnt be an alarm, but you could just make it best practice to monitor the group.


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