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Opportunities and/or Properties Owned

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Opportunities and/or Properties Owned

I'm work in commercial real estate and I am trying to find a way to organize client contacts and the properties they own.  Originally I tried using the "Properties Owned" tab, but that only allows for one entry.  Additionally, I considered adding multiple fields (and renaming them Property 1, Property 2, ect.) but then I wouldn't be able to search all fields.  I've now been using the opportunities tab, but I am still dissatisfied because I cannot search, for example, all apartment building owners who have properties located in Davis with more then 20 units.  I have had success with finding owners of properties in Davis, but the unit field seems to not be numerical coded or something.  Whenever I search "greater than" and "20" under the units field, the search negates all units with 100-200 units. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-Blake Pennington 

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Re: Opportunities and/or Properties Owned

I'm in this same exact situation (only I'd like to track leases for each client rather than owned property)... is there anyone out there who might be able to offer any suggestions?  I've tried everything, including an add-on that didn't work!!  Am I missing something?  Seems like any database program should be able to handle this.
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Re: Opportunities and/or Properties Owned

Hello Blake,

After reading your message I made a test in my database. I am an ACT USER, not a support guy but I´ve been using ACT for a long time (since version 1).

Well, to find/filter info similar to what you want I use Durkin Opportunity List Plus.

Tests I have just made allowed me to filter opportunities containing a given product among many others.

I work on sale with 5 different partners. Each on with diferent family products, etc.

From what I can see Using OLP you will be able to perform search you are looking for.

Ho, by the way =

I hopte this help.

Mac, Jorge A. Mac Genity
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