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Opportunities- Magazine Ads, Newsletters, and Events

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Opportunities- Magazine Ads, Newsletters, and Events

Hello all,


I have an ACT! database where I have account reps selling magazine ads, newsletters, and events. The problem is, the sale isn't one lump sum of money; we get paid every month based on what the prospect purchases (aka get paid in June for their June ad in our magazine not in April when we sign the annual contract). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set up my opportunities so that I can see how much money I have for the June issue (as an example). Here are a couple thoughts I had (but they would be annoying to have the reps do).


  • Set up groups (like June 2010 Magazine) and have to create 12 opportunities and associate each opportunity to each issue group etc.
  • Create 12 opportunities and each have their estimated close date the first of each month for the 12 issues.


Both would require to move 12 opportunties through the stages or at least have to create them and then close them.


This has to be a situation that has popped up before, so I am open to any suggestions (including add-ons!)


Thanks for your feedback!

Brittany Martin

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Re: Opportunities- Magazine Ads, Newsletters, and Events

Is a purchase always for 12 months of ads or is it month by month or something in between?


Depending upon what you are doing, here's one thought - not sure if it is feasible - just thinking out loud...  What if you created one oppty that covered the length of the contract and each month included was actually a 'product', when the products(months) are added into the oppty, the price is split to that month's portion...?   You wouldn't want to have a product entry in the product's table for every month for every year you are working with - I wouldn't  think - so perhaps mapping some logic based upon either custom field(s) and/or Close or open date, you could ascertain to which year a 'product'/month ad applies...  Maybe.  Pretty sure you could pull something off with the SQL Dash component.  Oh - wait - just  create a custom product field called Year!  That would be simpler I think...


The one or two potential bummers with this are:  having to add possibly many products to each oppty, 2 - having to do the math so that you have a price for each month entered.


<<I am limiting thought to working only within the framework of Act! w/o addon(s)...  Likely other routes there>>