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Open Data Base Error Message

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Open Data Base Error Message

I thought this problem might go away when i upgraded to the newest version. I am on a network - however Act is on my computer as is my data base and everything else.


When I turn on my computer and click on Act - it takes that my data base can not be opened - to check my network server is available and that it might by necessary to turn off any firewall.


I have found that a warm boot does nothing - however if I push the re-set button after closing everything of course - then Act it opens and works -


This is a strange problem I know. By the way we have Sonic Wall on the network. I turned off the firewall - MS - on my computer - nothing changed so I turned it back on.


Question is - why can't Act open? - and why would it open ONLY if I hit the manual re-set button on the desktop? Thanks!

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Re: Open Data Base Error Message

Hello MartinD18,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Which version of Act! are you currently running?  You have posted to the Act! 6.x board, but the issue sounds like a later version issue.

Please include the error message you are receiving.

Greg Martin
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Re: Open Data Base Error Message

Sorry - I have 2010 now however it did it on the prior version also.


I am unable to see the exact message unless it happens again however the basic message is -


unable to open data base XXXXXXXXX make sure your network server is available. It may be necessary to dis-able the firewall.


(Act is installed on my computer - so is the data base - and it see's it becuase it names it in the error message. So strangely to me is that the only fix seems to be closing everything and pushing the manual re-set button - then Act works - both now and with the prior version. To go more wierd - sometimes when turning on the computer - fresh Act will come up - however most times - I get this message and the only fix is a button push - kinda like "Lost" but the only thing that happens if I do not do it - is that Act will not come up - - -


Thanks - !!!!

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Re: Open Data Base Error Message

If it works after a cold reset, it sounds like an issue with your system (hardware or windows) ... possible an issue with Windows firewall or security


But, try all the items in this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


If still a problem, check for any errors in the Windows Event log when it's not working