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One computer will not sync

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One computer will not sync

This is a cross-post from the Peachtree forums, because I am at my wit's end and it qualifies for both programs.


I have 2 computers and a server set up with Act! at our office. One computer can access the server and all the data for Act! just fine. The other computer has never been able to connect to the Act! on the server since we got the server this past spring. I am sure it is something wrong with the computer, not Act!'s settings or the server, because I have never been able to get Peachtree to connect, either (and again, it works beautifully on the other computer). So I was wondering if some of you might have some ideas as to what I can try to make this computer connect to the programs.


The error code I get on Act! is that it cannot synchronize. The program is open on the server, it's set to accept incoming syncs, everything is set up properly there (I know because the other computer can sync just fine). So I know the problem isn't there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no change in the way this particular computer behaves with the server.


Thank you so much in advance! I am so frustrated and at my wit's end with this whole thing!!

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Re: One computer will not sync

You could try the following KB as I expect it is either a firewall or antivirus issue on that machine


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