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Office 2010

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Re: Office 2010

Grieg, We don't want a "workaround". We want a functional product. Had this been a college project, a very small niche product category, or something of that kind, the workarounds make sense. But this is a business CRM product, that should work with the primary market share Office type product. This isn't a Google Docs beta we are talking about, or Corel whatever they sell now, or $9.99 dump bin word processors in Walmart.  In fact, the concept of a hotfix and the development time that would take on product you are making obsolete doesn't make sense. You should take the impacted users and provide a courtesy fee exchange of license for $19.95. We could stomach that, and it would offset the shipping and handling for Sage. Some stability is warranted.

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Re: Office 2010

Contact Sage directly, they will honor the 30 day return.

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