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Office 2007 Addin / Not recording history

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Office 2007 Addin / Not recording history

One of the computers on our network is not recording history. On all of the other computers, when you go to print a document, the dialog box asking if you want to record history pops up. On this one it does not. We checked to see if the ACT! Add-in appears in Word. On all of our other computers, there are two ACT add-ins in Word. One called "ACT! Documents Tab Add-In" and "ACT! Office 2007 Addin. The computer that is not recording history does not have have the Office 2007 Addin. We do not know where this Addin came from on the other computers, nor can we figure out why this one doesn't have it or where we can get it. Does anyone out there have a solution?
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Re: Office 2007 Addin / Not recording history

What version of ACT! are you using?


Close ACT! and any Office applications

Run the following cmds from CMD prompt (Start | Run | cmd)

  1. c:
  2. copy "c:\program files\act\act for windows\REGASM.EXE" "c:\program files\act\act for windows\office2007\regasm.exe"
  3. cd\program files\act\act for windows\office2007
  4. regasm ActOffice2007Addin.dll
  5. cd..
  6. regasm Act.Office.Addin.dll



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Re: Office 2007 Addin / Not recording history

After looking through many messages this one seems the closest to the problem I am having but I do not understand the fix. I have 2 computers each installed with the 2009, version 11.0 of ACT. Both are using Word 2007 and Outlook 2007. I have tried to install and configure both computers the same but on one, I get a drop down menu with options to save and record history when I print a document. On the other I do not get the drop down menu. I can record the history and add attachments manually but would like to see the drop down to do it automatically. Recording history and including attachments seems to be working fine for e-mail on both machines. I am no dos expert so maybe you could explain this fix in terms I can understan.