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Odd field name on Swiftpage registration form

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Odd field name on Swiftpage registration form

I don't know if this is a Swiftpage issue, or something screwed up with my database.  I suspect that its my database as I had a problem with an odd field a while ago, that I thought I'd cleaned up.


I just tried to register with Swiiftpage.  The second page of the registration asks for address information.  Most of it was correct, but the Zipcode field (correctly populated from My Record) was titled Prev Employ.   I had previously created a field named Prev Employ, but somehow it was connected to Zip.  I thought it had been cleaned but apparently not.  Sometimes the Zip code information is in the Prev Employ field, other times it is in the Zip field.


A second problem is that the Assistant field sometimes contains the first Address field.


I'd love to know how to clean this up once and for all.