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OLEDB Install Only

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OLEDB Install Only

I want to allow someone to connect to our database using the OLEDB provider so that they can work on some reports with Crystal.

However i don't want to provide them with the complete ACT install. What are the files that i can give to them to register on their machine to allow access successfully through OLEDB.

Is this possible?


The database will be another server and i will map the folder onto the crystal reports machine where the Pad file resides.

I've tried this particular solution in the following link.


Answer 20495


So i copied all the files mentioned in the article as well as copying the ACTOLEDB.DLL file over. While this provider is now registered when i try access the PAD file i get the message "Invalid/Inactive ACT! username/password"


Thanks for your help


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Re: OLEDB Install Only

I don't know that it's possible to use the OLDB without having the ACT! program files.

Why don't you want them to have the ACT! install?


If it's possible, the only person I can think of that might know would be Stan Young from


You might try dropping him a message to see if he's tried it.

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Re: OLEDB Install Only



If you really do not want to give them a install of ACT, your best alternative would be to use the ACT Reader Utility.


If you want more info on that, you would want to contact ACT Corporate Sales and they would be able to help you further.


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Re: OLEDB Install Only

As per Amanda's post, here is the info on the ACT! Reader utility:


But I think it's only an option for the Premium versions of ACT!...