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OL calendar synch questions

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OL calendar synch questions

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Have been trying to get a handle on synching OL and Act calendars.  Initially I though was all pretty robust but am questioning the best methods.


About 75% of the time I send a meeting request to customers to ensure the appointment gets on their calendar.  I have figured out if I invite the contact via the Act address book then when i synch OL to Act it gets applied to the correct contact, however my name is put at the beginning of the appointment field, with the contacts listed after mine, so my calendar just shows me meeting with people all day.  I have to open each appointment, delete my name, and then the calendar shows the contact properly. Is there a way to stop having Act prepend my name to every appointment I synch? 


Why is the "Act calendar to Outlook" the recommended synchronization option?


Is there a way for an activity appearing in yesterdays OL calendar that I clear in Act today be deleted in the OL calendar when I synch today, or do I have to go into OL and manually erase past activities that were synched from Act?


I seem to have to do a lot of manual corrections to make all this work properly.  Is that the case with other users here??  Is there a process you use to make this a repeatedly useful task that can be automated w/o lots of editing after the fact?





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Re: OL calendar synch questions

Hi Mike

We have the same issues - and yes it's frustrating - and no matter how many times we post, or ask this question we don't seem to get any reply other than the workaround of manually deleting the added contact record each time

I really hope someone at Sage can fully understand the issue here, and that it's not just a minor nuisance or only affecting certain users, or is an issue with a specific database, this was previously an issue in an older version of Act but had a registry fix

We are still awaiting the patch in January 2009 to see if that addresses this - I don't know what fixes are contained in this but will try holding my breath again

So empathy here, and no help I'm afraid


Andy Kent
Angel Solutions (UK and NZ)