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Notes Tab is entering everything in Double Space

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Re: Notes Tab is entering everything in Double Space

I think if nothing works then uninstalling and reinstalling the software might fix it

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Re: Notes Tab is entering everything in Double Space

Hi Bud


When I add a new note, I get the double spacing and super large indent for the bullet points. When I open a client with both old notes AND ones created since this most recent update, the old ones stay as they were (correct spacing, bullet points with no indent). The newer notes are a mess. When I try to edit by deleting the extra line (space), the bullet disappears altogether. As a result, editing an already-existing newer problem note to fix spacing problems isn't possible. I can edit for content - just not formatting. As noted earlier, I've tried typing up my notes in Word, then copying & pasting into ACT. It pastes in correctly. I save it and when I click on the "notes" tab to read it, the spacing is totally messed up and bullet points are indented (what I pasted in was NOT indented).  I've tried copying my messed-up test note to paste here so you could see if it matches what you had before,  but of course, the pasted format in this forum box isn't the same as what I'm seeing in ACT.


We have over 3,000 contacts, with historical notes on many going back as much as 20 years. Even if creating a new contact record and inputting a new note into it works, trying to create new contact records for this many contacts wouldn't be feasible. 


I hope I'm making sense. My frustration is really with being unable to format the notes like a college outline - meeting topics discussed, with bullet points under each. All the extra spaces and indents make it really challenging to read and waste an ungodly amount of paper when printing them up.


Thanks so much for the help - Sincerely, Rita