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We will be synchronizing data bases, and other employee places notes where I put histories and vice versa.  Is there away before we import her database to swap this option...She needs to have the notes in notes tab where it is being placed in history and vice versa.

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Re: Notes/Histories

There isn't any easy way to switch them.  I wrote a program that will copy the Notes to the History Tab and make them a type of Note so that you will have everything in one place.  Some people prefer that solution.  If you're interested contact me off line.  You can find my contact information on our website in my signature.


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Re: Notes/Histories

You really ought to get everyone entering the same kind of data in the same place.  If it is a history, it should go in the history tab.


Histories offer more information and are categorized by type of action that occured, notes are not.  If some users are entering in the notes tab and some are entering the same kind of thing in the histories tab, this will mess up reports and dashboards, etc.


It's just bad practice.  It should not cause hardship to use histories correctly.