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Not too sure ACT! is right for me

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Not too sure ACT! is right for me

I just bought the program thinking it would be a major step up from Outlook. I'm an independant contractor real estate broker, and tech problems mean I call support or pay the company's IT to deal with it (does this make sense?) So far, I have installed the program at my office with no problems, put in about 10 hours of work, and then took my laptop home to finish up a few things. Alas, the connection error window popped up and it looks as if I'm having trouble with the SQL server.


If problems like these are par for the course, I'm going to cut my losses and stick with Outlook. I'm not too happy this software is marketed to the average joe....misrepresentation? Either way, Outlook seems to be stable, ACT! does not. Please advise. 

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Re: Not too sure ACT! is right for me

What version of ACT!?

Was the database on your local machine or a network server?

What's the actual error you're getting?


ACT! is very stable and a lot more powerful and useful than Outlook (although you'd still use Outlook for the email). But it does need to be set up correctly.