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Not object set to an instance object

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Not object set to an instance object

Dear People,


I  have purchased Act! 2008 v10.0 last week and I'm facing two problems. I'll describe below:


1. I have set MS Outlook 2007 as my e-mail program, not using ActEmail but as I click on e-mail links from the contacts, it appears a message saying "Not object set to an instance object" and the e-mail message don't starts.


2. When on Opportubities page, I click on the button to generate a quote and it appears the same "Attempt to read or write protected memory. This often an indication that other memory is corrupted".


I have tried to uninstall completely and reinstall, but problems persists. 


I need to use e-mail messages and generate quotes.. I'm a new user and I don't know how to solve it.


Please someone help me on it, please !!!


Thk you all!



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Re: Not object set to an instance object



Please someone reply asap, p l e a s e !!

I need to use the software.





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Re: Not object set to an instance object

1. I haven't seen that happen when just clicking on the email field. Does it happen to every contact? How about in the demo database?

It can happen if the email address is bad, so you might try wiping the field and re-typing the address, or try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


2. This usually means that the Microsoft .Net Framework is damaged


Try this method to reinstall:


This is a procedure I wrote to get the most clean install possible:
Uninstall any version of ACT! from Windows Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Use the Uninstaller.exe from the ACT! KB 19338 (the exe, not the manual uninstall)
Uninstall .Net Framework (all versions) - this does NOT apply to Vista users as .Net 2.0 is part of the OS and can't be uninstalled
Uninstall any MS SQL items from the Control Panel if still there
Uninstall MSXML 6 Services from Control Panel if it's still there
Perform a Selective restart with MSCONFIG as per ACT! KB 14499
Install .Net 2.0 Framework (only 2.0 for ACT! 9/10) from MS web site (only XP, not Vista)-
Manually install MS SQL as per ACT! KB 19386
Install ACT! 10.0 full install
Install ACT! 10.02 patch if the previous install was the previous build
Restore from Selective Startup Mode with MSCONFIG