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Noobie question

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Noobie question

Hey guys sorry to ask such basic question but I only ever worked with an old version of Act. Basically my wife is looking at getting the new act well buying a license and she wants me to clear something up. She is using btcloud at work to make her phone calls over VoIP. Does act let you click on a contacts information on the customer information and ring straight out over the VoIP as standard or does she need to order addons? Any help would be eternally grateful!

Kindest regards from my wife and I
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Re: Noobie question

Act has built in dialer compatibility so that 3rd party VOIP systems can link to it, enabling features such as the ability to call contacts from within the software itself. How this usually works is that you have both Act and your 3rd party program installed and simply enable the dialer via "Tools - Preferences - Communication" within your program. However, we offer no support on any dialer related issues and we do not test any 3rd party dialer programs with our own software, therefore we cannot guarentee that your existing VOIP software will work.


I appreciate this may not answer your question fully but the only real way to find out would be to test it.





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Re: Noobie question

Act!'s built-in dialer will only work if your system supports Windows TAPI ... otherwise, you'll need an add-on