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No "Not Starts With" query function available!?

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Re: No "Not Starts With" query function available!?

A certain amount depends on your data.


If for examply, you know that for your data, all of the values that you want to exclude will always be "Old <something>" then the query:


(Contact < Old OR Contact > OldZ) AND Contact Is Not Blank


will always get you everything other than the "Old" values.


If you have the possibility of any characters which are not a-z,0-9 or space immediately after the word Old, it becomes more difficult to guarantee 100% accuracy all of the time.  Ideally we would want to replace Z with the last character in the collation order, but I don't know what that is, nor how to find it easily.


If you have control of the names, or can make the reasonable statement of: We alwasy expect "normal" characters after Old, then as rediculous as this query may seem, it should work.