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No Rollover without restarting ACT

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No Rollover without restarting ACT

Older version did a rollover of calls each day without having to restart the program. Went into preferences and checked "Automatically roll over to today" so that isn't causing the problem.


Anyone else have this issue and/or solution? Thanks.

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Re: No Rollover without restarting ACT

Hello Mebobo,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


When the ACT! database first launches, it performs some background calendar functions - one of which is the 'Roll-Over'.  What you are experiencing is normal functionality.  It will only prompt for Roll-Over when it is first launched.


If you would like to submit a Feature Request for a change to this behavior, it can be done through the Share Your Ideas forum.  Once submitted other members can comment and vote (kudos) on it.

Greg Martin
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Re: No Rollover without restarting ACT

Do you mind if I ask why you leave ACT! open overnight?

ACT! 6.0 and earlier that did this ran the auto-rollover if it was open at midnight ... but it's usually not a good idea to leave systems open overnight - power usage or problems with the database if there's a machine problem.

ACT! 6.0 also used to ask the user (midnight or first open of the day)... so it did require some manual confirmation to allow the user to clear activities done the day before prior to rolling over the rest ... which required closing and re-opening ACT!