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New to ACT. Can it do...and how do i do it

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New to ACT. Can it do...and how do i do it

I have 3 interlocking data bases:  COMPANY names, VENDORS that might or might not sell to these companies and TYPE of vendors....

All of these need to be interlocked or connected so that I can report on all my companies that use a certain vendor, all my vendors that sell a certain type of merchandise AND/OR which vendors  sell a certain TYPE


Do I need to create companies first, or hand write in company in the create a contact screen or do I just need a class on ACT


thanks for your help

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Re: New to ACT. Can it do...and how do i do it

You probably should get a class in ACT! or have it set up to accomodate you needs by a consultant from


You might have a close look at Groups and,if you have ACT! 2009 11.1, maybe the new Relationships Tab will do what you need?

See this ACT! Knowledge Base article -



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Re: New to ACT. Can it do...and how do i do it

Good morning nludwig,


GL Computing is right on target.  The best way to achieve this is with the help of a consultant who truly knows the limitation of the database.


In the meantime, I will be glad to share with you how I approached the same problem.


Companies fall into 4 categories for me:

1.  Currently assigned cutomers (Company name is 1H2009 Customers)

2.  Customers still in my ACT but that I am not currently assigned to (Customers Other)

3.  Vendors with whom I work (Vendors)

4.  My company -- call it XYZZY


Under each company in # 1, I create a division which is actually the company for each of my current customers.

Under each of the companies created above I create another division called, * XYZZY Team (All the people in my company who are on the account)

Also under each of the companies created two lines above I create another division called * XYZZY Vendor Support


I use the " * " mainly to force sorting for display under a customer's and Vendor's contact to show relationships.  For example, I can look at the contact for John Johnson and see which accounts he and I are working on together.  The " * " forces the sort to put all those companies together. 


I'm not sure what you mean by type of vendor.  However, you can expand the thinking above to include type of vendor or possibly use the ID/STATUS code or as GL indicated, use groups.  The benefit of companies over groups is the hyper-linking that is possible.


I hope this helps, but nothing beats the services of one of the ACT recommended consultants.  (Oh, BTW, I am just a user and neither a technician nor a consultant).


John Purdy
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