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New syncronization issues Outlook

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New syncronization issues Outlook




I am using Act! Pro Version, Hot Fix 1 English (Europe). I am for 10 years Act Pro user. 


The only problem what I am once in a while facing is the unclear situation about updates of SP's and HF's. If I update the Act application by using Help/Act update then I the pop up screen is telling me that I am using the lastest version. But if when I visit the downloadsite, then I see a lot of SP's and HF's which I can not use. When use one of these downloads a warning popsup saying that I am using a more recent version. How does it work? How do I know for sure that I am not missing relevant updates? My experience of 10 years Act pro user knowing that the automatic update system can not always be trusted.


The reason why I am looking for new updates is that I am facing since the recent update problems with Oulook 2013 (Office 2013 version). I am not able  anymore, as before, to syncronize the contatcts in Outlook with Act and also I have troubles tot get my Outlook agenda updated by Act. What is going wrong? The error report it says: error 80040154 class not registered.


So is there is anyone who is willing to help me?

Your support and knowledge is much appreciated to help me with the issue.


Thanks in advance. Regards Marc

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Re: New syncronization issues Outlook



Sometimes the act program might not detect the latest update when you go to help->ACT update just like in your case.


In such scenario's we recommend you to go to the website and you will find a download section where you can download the service packs and hotfixes.


Since you are using ACT v16.2, there is a service pack 16.3 available as an upgrade plus there are hotfixes for 16.3.


To understand the Service pack and hotfix update information you can look into this kb article

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Re: New syncronization issues Outlook

For your error you may need to re-register the Act!/Outlook integration


For sync failures: