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New layouts In ACT 11

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New layouts In ACT 11

I have created a layout file that works really well for me. Only problem is I have added about 5 or 6 new fields to my database (and the layout). When I try to use my custom layout file on other Act databases, the layout is not completely functional because the custom fields I created do not exist on all the databases. Short of manually creating the new fields on all my databases and everytime I create a new database, is there something I can do to handle this situation. If there is an XML file I can copy/paste or a script I can run to create the new fields - that would be the best solution.


The work around I current have to use is to use an empty copy for new databases. The problem occurs when I am mapping fields to this new layout- either a CSV file from an Excel worksheet or another ACT database- as this function does not recognize new fields. Ironically this is why I created the new layout to begin with, i.e.. I needed additional as well as different fields.

I am using 2009 (11.0) Version only one license. Schema Version 11.00.0348.0000


Thanks in advance for your help



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Re: New layouts In ACT 11

Actually the layout files are XML files and, if you take care, you can open them in an XML editor and modify them.


But when you map fields, you map them to the database, not the layout... so saving as to an empty copy should still work