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New laptop and upgrade from 2008 Version 10.0

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New laptop and upgrade from 2008 Version 10.0

I am currently using a Lenova with Act 2008.  This laptop will not handle the Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud (actually it is borderline) and I would prefer to not to buy a separate computer/Mac for this.  I do a lot of business travel and have enough to carry on these trips.  Right now I am using Windows XP Pro but I would think it is time to upgrade.   Just curious if this will be a major project or will my contacts Load right in without too much work.  I always use a consultant to help me with these kind of projects....always fearful I'm gonna screw things up.  Would this be approximately 2 or 3 hours?  I also use Carbonite so I wonder if I could load in from the cloud?


For email I use a web based service. 


Also I would like to have ACT on my ipad.  Really don't want to take a laptop into my sales calls and the ipad mini is small and light.


Any suggestions from my fellow road warriors appreciated.

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Re: New laptop and upgrade from 2008 Version 10.0

Moving to a new computer shouldn't be a major problem but the ACT! version you have won't run on Windows 7 or 8 so you'll need to upgrade to the latest ACT! version. Unless you are doing a backup using the backup in the ACT! program and having Carbonite back that backup file, you likely don't have a backup of your database. For what it's worth I just did an install and conversion from ACT! 2005 to ACT! 16 and the conversion went fine. As far a linking your ACT! database to an iPad I would recommend using Handheld Contact for that.


If you have further questions, send me a private message.

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