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New contact does not record any history

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New contact does not record any history

When we create a new contact, no history is recorded. When you exit the record and another user goes into the record and changes history fields it will then start recording histories. This does not happen every time but it is happening more and more frequently. Just recently I noticed that if the record creator, when creating the record sends a letter and attaches it, there is no attachment. Again, this does not happen all the time and it happens to all users. I have been using ACT since 1991 and I know all the users are set up properly and the History tab is set up so that all users, all types and all dates etc. are set to view. We are using ACT! Premium 2013 version We use Windows 7 Professional service Pack 1. Our database contains just over 27,400 contacts. I work in the insurance industry and it is critical that I have the history and all necessary attachments recorded.

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Re: New contact does not record any history

there are times when our ACT will idiosyncratically not save info or better said "the data we enter disappears". It is very frustrating. I'm looking for a fix. My assistant did some research on this in the forum and it sounds like ACT denies it is happening. . . .