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New User Questions

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New User Questions

I am a new user and have a question. Is there a way to have different contact "categories" within the same database?  


For example I work with leads, I would like to have a category for leads that I am in contact with but haven't decided on joining our organization and then another category for when they do join our organization.  Is this what the groups feature is for?  If so, how do you go about moving a contact from one group to another and having just one group show up on your screen at a time that you can work with

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Re: New User Questions

You can use the ID/Status field for that with values "Leads" or "Customer" depending the status of your relation with this contact.


And you can create Groups dynamically with a query on this fields, so you'll be able to create easily lookups of these contacts depending the value of the ID/Status field. Have a look at this KB Article to learn how to create a group and add dynamically contact in.

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