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New User History Question

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New User History Question

We are going to be hiring a new rep to take another rep's place.  We want to assign old rep's calls to new rep, but don't want new rep showing up in the history instead of the old rep.  For example:  We want to know that Mark (old rep) called the contact three times in the past and that Tom (new rep) has only called them once. 


Everytime we have added a new user in the past and assigned the old rep's info, the new rep's name overrides the old rep's name in history and notes when we don't want it to. 


How do I assign Mark's calls and territory to Tom, and still keep Mark as the user listed in history and notes?




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Re: New User History Question

There is a way to assign all of the 'contacts' to a new user while leaving the existing Notes/History items unchanged.  But this will not update the activities to the new user.  To do this: 

- create your new username 

- set the old User to Inactive and leave it in place (do not delete or reassign) - it will no longer use a license

- perform a Lookup by 'Record Manager' for the old username

- once the Lookup is presented in the Contact List view, you can use the Edit > Replace Field option to update the Record Manager field for all of the contacts listed.  This will update the Record Manager field on the contacts' Contact Info tab. 


Again, this will not update/reassign the original user's activities to the new contact.  You can have 'Tom' set his calendar to view activities for both he and 'Mark'.  If there aren't too many activities he can go through the list and reassign them manually (Schedule For). 


Note: I highly recommend making a backup of the database (File > Backup > Database) before using commands that will change large amounts of data.

Greg Martin
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Re: New User History Question

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out.  We will give this a try. 
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Re: New User History Question


There is one method you can try to update the activities from one user to another. I have tried it with success. The only drawback I have seen is that with recurring activities, only the current instance of the activity is updated to the new user. Give this a try:


- Backup your ACT! database

- Login to database as the new user

- Bring up Task List and filter by All Dates, All Types, Select Users=old user; for Options, choose not to show Cleared Activities

- Highlight all activities in the list

- Go to the main menu and click Edit/Copy

- Change the Select Users filter to include the old user and the new user

- Then click Edit/Paste

- This will make a duplicate of all the copied activities, but they will be "Scheduled For" the currently logged in user (which should be the new user). Note that, depending on the number of activities copied, the duplication process may take some time. Also note that duplicated recurring activities will not copy over as recurring and will only include the most recent instance of that activity.


If desired, you can delete the originals assigned to old user or leave them for historic reference.


Hope this helps.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.