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New Instal Problems - version 11.0

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New Instal Problems - version 11.0

I have upgraded from ACT! 2000 (a Symantec product) to ACT! by Sage version 11.0 and have two problems I am unable to resolve. By the way, I uninstalled the older version of ACT! prior to installing the new one,


The first occurs when I attempt to import my Sage contacts.  I have installed the Sage Integration Driver but receive the error message 'You do not have Access Rights to read Sage Accounts data'.


The second problem occurs at program closedown.  ACT! closes correctly, but I then receive the error message 'ACT! by Sage has encountered a problem and needs to close'.


Any suggestions gratefully received.



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Re: New Instal Problems - version 11.0

You should contact Sage MAS (I assume that's what you're trying to link to) regarding your first issue.


You're second issue can be caused by a number of reasons.  If you're on Windows Vista, try running ACT! as administrator or disabling UAC.  You can also try excluding ACT! from your antivirus, firewalls, and other security software.


Run ACT! As the Administrator

  1. Right-click on the ACT! Icon and select Run as administrator.


Disable User Account Control (UAC) 

How to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista®