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New Activity Type Without Icon

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New Activity Type Without Icon

ACT 2010


OK, no one responded on how to apply an Icon to a new activity, so let's try this question.  Is it possible to display the activity type name like "Ran Marathon" instead of having an Icon on the display? 


As I typed the question I came up with an answer and tested it with my system.  I decided to share what I found here and hope it will be useful to those who may have the same requirements.


Right now I can't link ACT and Outlook b/c of some incompatibility, but I can't wait on IT to resolve the problem.  I have to run Outlook in Safe Mode as a result.  I now need to show eMails sent and eMails received.  I added these two activity types and changed the result name to "eMail Received" or "eMail Sent".  I would have to copy and paste the contents from the eMail in our out from Outlook into the details section. 


Of course you could do the same for other activities such as the marathon example above or "went fishing".  I like to do a lot of photography, so maybe I could add "Pix Taken" with a location in the regarding and the details in the details. 


Just some random thoughts.  I realize the forum moderator may find this rambling too obscure, but these are my thoughts just the same.




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